Food on the Cheap


I am lucky (or unfortunate?) to attend a school where we are guaranteed housing for all four years. In fact, we have no other option and are required to live in the dorms. While some would say it is nice not having to scurry around to find a place at the end of each year, the dining options at my college rare somewhat limited and grow boring after awhile. So, we are left with two alternatives: eat out, or put something together ourselves.

I am a typical student, and my savings account would evaporate if I chose to eat out regularly. In addition, I am by no means talented in the kitchen beyond PB&J and scrambled eggs. There is some hope for me (and others with a similar kitchen skill-set): ‘CheapEats’ at has an archive of tasty, easy to make dishes and drinks for less than $3.00.

I haven’t tried anything on this list because I am living at home right now (nothing beats Mom’s free cooking). I will, however, seriously consider some of the options when I return to living on my own this fall.

Archives for 3 dollars or less at ‘Cheap Eats’/


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