Handy Tips for Every Class/Thesis/Etc. Presentation


Good morning all!

For those of you who have been watching this blog, I had my wisdom teeth removed two days ago so I apologize for not having any new content over the past couple of days.Brad Issac’s ‘Achieve-It’ blog has a great post on the common myths and perhaps not-so-common facts of public speaking. Public speaking has taken the forefront of my personal development to-do list as it is a glaring weak spot for me. My tendency is that I under-prepare and speak a little on the quick side during my presentations, so I sometimes garble words together or lose my audience during a key point.

Effective public speaking isn’t easy to pull off without some sort of training, but I have noticed it has become a more integral part of my classes. Being able to communicate your ideas is an essential tool in the sciences as well as many other fields, so I am trying my best to improve this skill.

8 Proven Strategies For Defeating The Fear of Public Speaking and 4 Myths That Won’t at ‘Achieve-IT!’.

Have any great presentation tips to share? Feel free to drop some in the comments!


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