Journaling Day 1: Getting Ready to Rock


I have decided to give this journaling idea a shot. I will track my progress on here (come to think of it…you could argue blogging is journaling, is it not?) and see how far I get.

I think I have all the necessary components ready to start this project:

1. Book: I purchased a Moleskine Notebook not too long ago. I figured that if I paid an excessive amount of money for an Italian-leather notebook I may be more motivated to use it.

2. Pen: Saturday night I picked up a “Paul Belvedere” ball-point pen. I was waiting in line at Chapters (a bookstore chain in Canada) and this may have been a bad purchase. It was 30% off at least!

3. Material: I am reading Carl Safina’s Song for the Blue Ocean right now and it is rather interesting. I will comment on and summarize some of Safina’s ideas as a start.

A few relevant links I ran across this morning: 

  • Need some tips on selecting the right pen? Here is a good entry on the ins and outs of fountain pens: March of the Fountain Pens at D*I*Y Planner
  • Although this article isn’t entirely about journaling, Nneka at the ‘Balanced Life Center’ blog posted a great article about how to maximize bliss in your day with a reference to journaling. I am in Love at Balanced Life Center.
  • I am trying to become a better writer. Really. Here is a collection of grammar tips from Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab, as presented by

One Response to “Journaling Day 1: Getting Ready to Rock”

  1. 1 Nneka

    Hi, thanks for the link 🙂 You can really try any of the things that I suggested in the article to get to that in love place. If you’re not really the journaling type, that doesn’t have to be your thing. It’s just so trippy, I think everyone should get to it in their own way.

    I’m glad I found your blog.

    In Spirit,

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