BBC: “Bulgaria seeks HIV medics’ return'”


I have been following this story lately, and what a story it is.

Apparently, Bulgarian medics were charged in 1999 with intentionally infecting 438 children with HIV in a Libyan Hospital. 50 of the original 438 infected children have since died. The doctors and nurses involved were sentenced to death in 2004, but the ruling was overturned in 2005 by the Libyan Supreme Court. In 2006 however, the Libyan Supreme Court sentenced the group to death once more.

Fast forward to June 2007. Officials from the European Union opted to become involved in this case in an attempt to help free the medics. This past Tuesday, their efforts were rewarded with a reduction of the sentence from death to life in prison. This outcome is still not enough for Bulgaria, and they are trying to bring the Medics back home where it is possible to grant the medics a pardon. This sentence reduction follows an announcement that the families of the infected children will recieve 1-million USD in compensation, per child.

I guess the question here is that who should we believe? Was the hygiene in the hospital so bad that there was no way to prevent the infections? Or, was there negligence on the Medics’ part?

The article can be found here.


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