Making Organic Chemistry Work for You


I have ‘survived’ the first semester of organic chemistry, affectionately called Orgo-1.  While I did not do nearly as well as I would have liked (or, as well as I should have), I have learned some valuable lessons for Orgo-2 and for college in general:

  • A 79 % on a mid-term doesn’t mean you are a failure at life, or that you will never make it at what you want to do.
  • Professors aren’t evil. When you are stuck, when your intellectual tires are ‘spinning’ in place, do not be afraid to go to your professor’s office hours. Contrary to popular belief, professors don’t camp out in dimly lit offices planning your demise with impossible questions and hours of homework. In my experience, my professors have been more than happy to assist with any questions I have.

DISCLAIMER: One thing you should NOT do is ask questions that have been extensively covered in class, or something you could have answered yourself by reading through the question, or the section of the text in question.

The ‘Medicine from the Trenches’ blog provided the inspiration for this rant, and I recommend you check out her Mastery of Organic Chemistry post!


4 Responses to “Making Organic Chemistry Work for You”

  1. 1 drnjbmd

    I just linked to your site. Didn’t realize you were out here with such a great resource!

  2. 2 amjad hussain

    salam. i need material about organic spectascopy and name reactions.

  3. Try and go to the Organic Chemistry I course page!

  4. Nice summery! The information given by you is very useful and helpful. You gave a excellent article on organic chemistry. And also you discuss about how organic chemistry useful for every human being. I thanking you a lot for your information.

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