Tips for Facilitating ‘Razor Sharp’ Concentration


Whether you are doing research to find primary sources or trying to blast through three chapters of assigned readings, maintaining concentration is key. We have myriad distractions around us with everything from AIM, to sociable neighbors, to ESPN.

To combat the things that are competing for our attention, I like to pop on a pair of headphones with the music loud enough to sufficiently block out any of the sounds around me. Check the archives for an earlier post about music and studying. has a good summary article of how to block out common distractions and get down to work. The main points of the articles are as follows:

1 ) Cut Off the Noise
2 ) Structure Your Environment
3 ) Clarify Objectives
4 ) Divide Blobs
5 ) Know the Rules
6 ) Set a Deadline
7 ) Break Down Roadblocks
8 ) Isolate Yourself
9 ) Healthy Body, Sharper Mind
10 ) Be Patient

Visit ’10 Tips for Razor Sharp Concentration’ at for the explanation of the above bulleted points.


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