Caffeine Calculator


In a day, I usually consume two ‘Large’ coffees with milk from the Tim Hortons kiosk here at the hospital.

According to ‘The Caffeine Database’ at, this equates to around 215mg of caffeine and a status of “In the Zone”. For fun, I doubled the amount of coffee I would normally take and my status changed to “ANXIOUS?”. There is a caveat here, though. The effects of caffeine on your body depend on your body weight and your tolerance to caffeine. So it may take more (or less) caffeine for you to get “anxious”.

How many caffeinated beverages do you swig back in a day?

Check out how much caffeine you may be putting in your system here, via


2 Responses to “Caffeine Calculator”

  1. 1 mk

    Get the real scoop on caffeine at
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  2. @mK

    Your comment seems a bit spam-like…but I’ll let it fly this time.

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