How to Start a Presentation Off with a Bang


Good morning!

It is Friday! The long weekend is almost here (for those of us living in Canada, anyway).

My favorite public speaking blog, aptly named “The Public Speaking Blog”, published a great article this morning outlining seven different ways to get your presentation off to a running start. I think starting off with a bang is a crucial element of engaging your audience. If you come off the ‘blocks’ stumbling, it won’t be long before the yawns start up in your audience.

The executive summary of “The Seven ways to Kick Start a Presentation”:

  • “Open with a humorous/emotional story that leads to your key message
  • Ask a question that gets us thinking
  • Do a demonstration that leads to your message
  • Shock ‘em with facts and numbers
  • Start off with a cartoon or video, funny is optional
  • Pause…
  • Do something different (or crazy)!”

    For the explanations of the above points, visit the original post.


    3 Responses to “How to Start a Presentation Off with a Bang”

    1. 1 Eric

      Hey Matty, thanks for the vote of confidence. Enjoy your long weekend! (What’s the occasion?)

    2. Oh, it is just a ‘Civic Holiday’. Just an excuse for a long week-end I suppose!

      I’m not complaining though…

    3. All good advice on public speaking!

      Heres another one: Remember to breathe!



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