Verbal Tip: “How to Read with More Comprehension”

15Aug07 posted an article from Hampshire College about how to read primary literature more carefully. You many not be reading abstracts or convoluted discussion sections of primary literature on your MCAT, but the tips provided here will assist in building your reading comprehension regardless.

Want to understand more of what you read – even if the material is somewhat above your head? No problem – just follow educator Ann McNeal of Hampshire College’s four-step guide for reading a research paper.

Now, while her tips primarily apply to students trying to slog their way through academia, anyone who wants to read with more comprehension will get something out of this. Basically, the tips boil down to skimming, deciphering vocab, attempting to comprehend, and then criticism/reflection. A good set of reminders for anyone who wants to get more out of their reading.

‘How To Read with More Comprehension’ from Hampshire College, via


One Response to “Verbal Tip: “How to Read with More Comprehension””

  1. Overall, I think that’s a great article. However, I don’t advise skimming on the MCAT reading comprehension section because you simply don’t have the time to skim and read in-depth. Or, for those who only skim, the MCAT will provide incorrect choices that are tempting if you only have a partial view of the passage.

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