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In a day, I usually consume two ‘Large’ coffees with milk from the Tim Hortons kiosk here at the hospital. According to ‘The Caffeine Database’ at, this equates to around 215mg of caffeine and a status of “In the Zone”. For fun, I doubled the amount of coffee I would normally take and my […]

Okay, so 11:30 rolls around and your early-morning coffee high is beginning to dwindle. Need a break from your work to refresh yourself? Watch some TV! I know this is counter-productive, but I think it is essential to take breaks during the day in order to stay fresh. Happy surfing. 33 Ways to Watch Free TV Online at […]

Here is a quick and easy read. The title of the article sounds a bit hokey, but there are some solid snips of advice in this piece. One particular bullet applies to one domain in my life: “Quit being a perfectionist. Life isn’t all or nothing, black or white. Many times, good enough means exactly what […]