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This article from Kiplinger’s is aimed at incoming Freshmen, but there are a few good tips here for us upperclassmen as well. Take a look: Welcome to college. No one is here to make sure you study, do your homework or, heck, that you even get out of bed in the morning. This new-found independence […]

Hi Gang. I apologize for not posting any profound entries as of late. I have been quite busy! Anyway, here is a great little piece from about checking your sources. A reader recently wanted to know if I could corroborate my reflections on certain idioms (Lying in State: Changing Perceptions Change Language). Considering the […]

Lifehacker posted a neat article highlighting a free webservice that allows you to coordinate what you are going to purchase for your room, which roommates are bringing what, and what items will be split between your roommates. I can see this being especially handy for those of you who may not know your roommates well […]

Lifehacker featured a short, yet useful article from on the importance of Proofreading. We are all guilty of wanting to rush through some writing assignments from time to time, and in these rushed assignments quality control tends to fall by the wayside. In my early days as an editor for the student newspaper, I […]

Whether you are doing research to find primary sources or trying to blast through three chapters of assigned readings, maintaining concentration is key. We have myriad distractions around us with everything from AIM, to sociable neighbors, to ESPN. To combat the things that are competing for our attention, I like to pop on a pair […]

Public speaking is arguably one of the more stressful assignments you will have to navigate in college. I am not so sure about bigger universities, but at Hamilton College (pop. ~ 1,800 students) oral presentations are a component of nearly every course. One particular aspect of speech-making that I think deserves more attention is the […]

I love free stuff. What could be better than picking up some knowledge without having to shell out money for courses or material? This great article at outlines ten practical ways to educate yourself online, for free! “Become an Autodidact: 10 Ways to Become a Self Taught Master” at Feel free to post […]