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We’re Back!


After much deliberation, I have decided to throw some energy back into this blog. I attribute my absence to me being abroad in England, but with connectivity being abundant these days it isn’t much of an excuse. In any event, the plan for the Spring semester is to track my medical school application process, including […]

1,200 Hits!


Last time I checked we had 500 hits…but the popularity of this blog is sky-rocketing and we just hit 1,200 hits. I am glad I am able to be of service to you all! With that being said, I am going to start shifting the focus of this blog. I I posted some content early […]

500 Hits!


This blog has just hit 500 unique hits, since its inception three weeks ago. While this number may not be staggering, I think it is a great start and a good indication that people are finding the material (some, at least!) useful. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on how I can […]

I came across this quote in a blog entry by author Carl Safina. I am also reading his book “Song for the Blue Ocean” right now, and I highly recommend you pick it up. If you crave mystery, learn everything you possibly can, and the mystery of existence will so rapidly expand it will be […]

Angela Booth posted a good little entry on the basics of starting a journal to harbor your thoughts, ideas, and complaints. Journaling for a novice writer If you’re a new writer, and have no idea what you want to write – fiction, nonfiction, copy – a journal can get you started. Writing will teach you […]

The industry-standard medium for posting journals and journal materials is the PDF file. These files are handy for maintaining the data of the file in its original formatting. The PDF standard also makes it incredibly easy to collect journal articles on your computer. Organizing PDFs  I have a TON of journal articles on my computer. Whenever […]

I suppose this should have been the first thing to be added to the summer reading page since this is supposed to be a blog dedicated to Pre-Meds. Oops! I have added a list of good Pre-Med’ish books that I have read or am planning to read. The list is small right now, but this is […]