Archive for the ‘MCAT’ Category posted an article from Hampshire College about how to read primary literature more carefully. You many not be reading abstracts or convoluted discussion sections of primary literature on your MCAT, but the tips provided here will assist in building your reading comprehension regardless. Want to understand more of what you read – even if […]

Part of the reason why I have neglected to provide any new entries is because I have been completely enthralled in the Student Doctor Network Forum. The Pre-Allopathic sub-forum of SDN is complete heaven for the neurotic pre-med types (like me!). Pre-meds and medical students from all over (there are upwards of around 120,000 SDN […]

I usually sift through a mountain of productivity blogs every day to see the sorts of things people are doing out there to maximize their efficiency. Here is a great article from outlining 10 ways you can tinker with your study habits to produce results. 10 Study Tips to Study Smart and Save time […]