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I should preface this article from by saying that no health-care system exists without issues. I reside in Canada and have enough experience with our health-care system (as a patient, shadowing, and some research) to know that while our system may look appealing to our neighbors to the south, it is by no means […]

Making predictions is difficult for anyone. Qualified meteorologists, stock market statisticians, and sports betting insiders all screw up from time to time. What happens though, when a physician doubles the life expectancy of an ailing patient, and only to have the patient pass on earlier than the prediction? According to this NY Times Opinion article, […]

The New York Times reported yesterday on new legislation that prevents Medicare from having to pay hospitals and doctors for the treatment of ‘preventable’ ailments like bed sores, infections acquired while at the hospital, and surgical equipment left in patients. In a significant policy change, Bush administration officials say that Medicare will no longer pay […]

What a neat story from the New England Journal of Medicine! An adopted cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, RI, apparently has the ability to predict the time of death of the center’s residents. The cat, affectionately named Oscar, shows up 60-30 minutes prior to the death of a patient […]

I have been following this story lately, and what a story it is. Apparently, Bulgarian medics were charged in 1999 with intentionally infecting 438 children with HIV in a Libyan Hospital. 50 of the original 438 infected children have since died. The doctors and nurses involved were sentenced to death in 2004, but the ruling […]

By pure luck yesterday, I fooled around with my XM radio and stumbled upon the Medical News & Information channel called ‘ReachMD’ on Xm 233. The ‘mission statement’ behind this channel is: “Clinical Discussion and education from the world’s top thought leaders.” The station appears to be geared more towards practitioners, but I am sure […]