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I have decided to give this journaling idea a shot. I will track my progress on here (come to think of it…you could argue blogging is journaling, is it not?) and see how far I get. I think I have all the necessary components ready to start this project: 1. Book: I purchased a Moleskine […]

So I’ve read half way through Allen’s Getting Things Done, and I have started on another book called The Well-Educated Mind by Bauer. These two books are on vastly different subjects, yet they both deal with a common theme (in their own ways) of how to digest, sort, and utilize information. There is no need to […]

I hope you all had a great weekend! Coming back to the lab this morning, I find that I have a massive collection of things on my to-do list.Towards the end of the spring semester, I started to read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and have been on quest to maximize my personal productivity […]

Distracted by AIM when you are trying to pump out a paper that is due in 6 hours? Can’t seem to stop checking your inbox every 8.5 minutes? has some strategies (some that are rather drastic mind you) to rid yourself of common distractions. I find that I work best if I shut down my […]

I found a unique idea for memorizing bulk text. The author claims that a student memorized *all* seven chapters of a text, and aced the course’s introductory exam. Whether or not this is inherent talent for memorization, it remains to be seen. The main tool the student used to memorize his material is what the author calls ‘stacking’. […]

I’m not sure about you, but when I find I work best when I have some sort of music playing in the background. Whether I’m studying for a mid-term, or pumping out a paper, I find music helps retain my focus on the task at hand.I have playlists for different types of assignments, too. When […]

I usually sift through a mountain of productivity blogs every day to see the sorts of things people are doing out there to maximize their efficiency. Here is a great article from outlining 10 ways you can tinker with your study habits to produce results. 10 Study Tips to Study Smart and Save time […]