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Dustin Wax over at has posted a follow up article to his original post on how to make your research papers more spiffy. That original post received some flak for some questionable tips, but Dustin’s new post on research tips is all gold. Here, as always, is the executive summary of “10 Steps Towards […]

Lifehack posted a decent article this morning outlining some common sense tips for becoming a more effective writer. The executive summary: Pace yourself. Plan your paper first. Start your paper with the second paragraph. Don’t worry about writing crappy drafts. Stay away from plagiarism. Follow your instructors directions. Refrain from using Wikipedia. Everything you put […]

The industry-standard medium for posting journals and journal materials is the PDF file. These files are handy for maintaining the data of the file in its original formatting. The PDF standard also makes it incredibly easy to collect journal articles on your computer. Organizing PDFs  I have a TON of journal articles on my computer. Whenever […]

More writing tips!  Here is a great source of known and some not-so-common writing tips for use in pretty much any writing application. ‘50 Tools that can Improve your Writing Skills‘ at

Dustin Wax at posted a good article on how to write effective research papers. Wax’s main points in the article: Write about something you’re passionate about. Write a strong thesis. Use yourself as a source. Consult the experts. Choose your audience. I strongly recommend you take a look at the article for the explanation to each of […]

For all of you Pre-Meds couped up in a lab this summer, I have added a ‘Research’ page that will host useful links, ideas, protocols and the like. I am toying with the idea of putting together a PDF of my protocols that I have come across, so stay tuned for that. As always, feel […]