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Hey Gang! I apologize for the lack of new content yesterday, but it was a holiday (in Canada) and I promised myself to stay away from the computer as much as possible. Wouldn’t it be great to crunch 6 hours of audio material into a 90-100 minutes? Just think how many more audio books or […]

Hi Gang. I apologize for not posting any profound entries as of late. I have been quite busy! Anyway, here is a great little piece from about checking your sources. A reader recently wanted to know if I could corroborate my reflections on certain idioms (Lying in State: Changing Perceptions Change Language). Considering the […]

Lifehack posted a decent article this morning outlining some common sense tips for becoming a more effective writer. The executive summary: Pace yourself. Plan your paper first. Start your paper with the second paragraph. Don’t worry about writing crappy drafts. Stay away from plagiarism. Follow your instructors directions. Refrain from using Wikipedia. Everything you put […]

I love free stuff. What could be better than picking up some knowledge without having to shell out money for courses or material? This great article at outlines ten practical ways to educate yourself online, for free! “Become an Autodidact: 10 Ways to Become a Self Taught Master” at Feel free to post […]

My reading speed is decent, and I could probably burn through a book a week if I had enough time. Time here is the keyword! With my responsibilities in the lab, and my responsibilities to myself (the daily work out, getting enough sleep, etc.), I find I can only get through 150-200 pages of pleasure […]

I have ‘survived’ the first semester of organic chemistry, affectionately called Orgo-1.  While I did not do nearly as well as I would have liked (or, as well as I should have), I have learned some valuable lessons for Orgo-2 and for college in general: A 79 % on a mid-term doesn’t mean you are a […]

More writing tips!  Here is a great source of known and some not-so-common writing tips for use in pretty much any writing application. ‘50 Tools that can Improve your Writing Skills‘ at