Here you will find resources of interest concerning lab research.

I have done two summers worth of research (going on three!) and have been working on specific transcription factors and their roles in cardiac tissue formation and diseases. My research is predominantly centered in the fields of Genetics and Biochemistry, so don’t be surprised if you see a bias in the items posted here.

Links I have found most helpful:

  • PlasMapper Version 2.0. A nice automatic generator of custom plasmids.
  • SMART. Database for searching for domains and areas of interaction in proteins.
  • Gene Cards. The virtual index card cheat sheet for a ton of human genes (mice too I believe!).
  • Amino Acids Ref Chart. I printed this out and have it handy in my lab book.
  • MOTIF search. Search for known motifs in protein sequences.
  • STRING. A really neat protein-protein interaction database that can visualize a network of interacting proteins.
  • Tools for Multiple Alignments. Need to align sequences? Check here for a lengthy list of tools available online.
  • NetPhos 2.0 Server. Perdicts phosphorylation sites in your sequence.
  • ExPASy tools. A good deal of proteomics tools for many different applications.
  • Res 1.0 Online. Small assortment of effective bioinformatics tools.

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