I don’t know about you, but I am very picky when it comes to selecting which books to read for pleasure. This ‘picky’ trait can get so bad, I sometimes spend upwards of two to three hours in a bookstore browsing, picking up a book, discarding it after I find something I don’t like about it, finding another one, discarding it, and so on. I guess I feel that if I am going to spend a considerable amount of time reading something, it better be worth the time.

So, what do I do to find the perfect book? I use as my primary source of book reviews; I almost never buy a book unless I have checked out its rating on Amazon first. I keep in mind that the reviews are subjective and contain some sort of bias, to a degree. I have had success by using book ‘scouting reports’ and here is what I have read, am reading, and will be reading this summer. Feel free to interject any suggestions or ideas for titles!

What I am Reading Right Now

On Deck

Completed (w/ short reviews)

  • Cdr. Richard Jadick’s On Call in Hell: A Doctor’s Iraq War Story. Review to follow.
  • Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Review to follow.
  • Carl Safina’s Song for the Blue Ocean. Review to follow.
  • Jon Katz’s Dog Days. If you have ever wanted to live on a farm, start here. Jon Katz is a city dweller turned farmer in this collection of stories from his plot of land in Upstate New York, coined ‘Bedlam Farm’. I found myself laughing at the thought of the two-ton cow on the farm, Elvis, romping through fences to get an apple and a scratch under the chin from whoever was offering the treats. I loved every word in this book, and I really wish it was longer!

‘Pre-Med’ Reads that I Have Come Across

  • Byock’s Dying Well. *About hospice care, with some really powerful stories!
  • O’Kelly’s Chasing Daylight. *This one is a stretch for this list, but offers a unique perspective of someone living with a terminal illness.
  • Examkracker’s MCAT Prep. *I have heard the best things about this one, and it is sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.
  • Gawande’s Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science. *Very eye-opening.
  • Klein’s Organic Chemistry 1 as a Second Language: Translating the Basic Concepts. *Was a huge help for Orgo-1! Highly recommended.
  • New England Journal of Medicine. *Likely available in your library. If you have an interest in clinical research, you need to check to browse through some issues.
  • Preston’s The Hot Zone. *Awesome medical thriller…and the best part about it is that it really happened! It also reminds me of the classic movie ‘Outbreak’.
  • Peter’s Virus Hunter. *I am currently reading this one.

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